• Organicpower: Wind Power

    Organicpower: Wind Power


Wind Energy

“It is envisaged that wind power will make the most significant contribution to the achievement of national and international targets for green electricity, due to its environmental benefits and increasing competitiveness.

Over the last few decades wind energy has aroused renewed interest due to its environmental benefits over fossil fuel combustion (fuels such as coal, oil, gas and peat are fossil fuels which take thousands of years to form and create pollution and climate change) and to the increased security it can deliver to Ireland‘s fuel supply (about 90% of Ireland’s energy currently comes from imports, making us the least self-sufficient country in the industrialised world).”

Sustainable Energy Ireland

Ireland has one of the best wind resources in the world. Due to its intermittent nature it is accepted by EIRGRID that Pumped Hydro Energy Storage will be required to store power from the projected 6,000MW of wind power to be installed by 2020 in Ireland.

Organic Power Wind Projects

Permitted Wind Projects:

  1. Glashantooreen, Co. Kerry: 6 Enercon wind turbines resulting in 13.8MW
  2. Dromleena, Co Cork: 11 Enercon wind turbines resulting in 9.9MW

Wind Projects in Process:

  1. Glendeish, Co. Waterford: 5 Enercon wind turbines resulting in 4.5MW

Due to the moratorium on grid connections for wind farms currently enforced by the Irish Grid Operator, Organic Power has put on hold the development of all wind projects, and will not seek any new wind project in Ireland until the moratorium is lifted.