Why Choose Us

Business Model:

  • Apply proven technology in specific projects to produce dispatchable renewable energy. 
  • Acquire suitable sites for development. Design projects to construction detail.
  • Acquire relevant permits.  
  • Sell production units.

Appropriate proven technology:

  • Wind Power to use the best wind resources in western Europe.
  • Thermal Biomass CHP using available under-utilised indigenous agricultural and forestry by-product resources.
  • Pumped Hydro Electric Storage (PHES) to store the 1800MW excess night time windpower production that will be a consequence of the Irish 2020 wind target of 6000MW.

Experienced team

Experienced team in renewable energy generation development across wind, sun, water, geothermal biomass and other sources.

Investment opportunity to invest directly in projects with sound stand alone economics plus renewable energy incentives.

Opportunity to participate in strong potential returns of a fast growing dynamic area without the initial risk of investing at speculative prices on the quoted markets.

Significant expected return on investment based on sound risk management and diversity of portfolio.