Marex Project

The MAREX Project

Mayo Atlantic Renewable Energy Export

The MAREX project is a clean electricity delivery system integral to EU Energy Infrastructure 2020.  It is a generation project, isolated from Irish Electricity Grid, connected to UK National Grid only.

marex project


It is composed of the following discrete and separate elements, which are each valid in their own right.  When combined, they are the MAREX project.

  1. Sourcing power from proposed 2000MW of onshore wind farms preferentially using wind turbines with blades and towers manufactured in Mayo for commissioning by 2018/9;
  1. Storing the energy at source for delivery to the UK market at peak demand times in a 1500MW, 6GWhr, 4 hour cycle PHES plant at Glinsk mountain in Mayo, on the North West Atlantic coast of See photograph on front cover and Fig. 2, 3 and 4 below.
  1. Deliver 6TWhr/yr via a High Voltage 1500MW HVDC VSC transmission link from the west of Ireland directly to Connah’s Quay at Deeside, near Liverpool in the UK as Fig.1 below. Of this capacity, 900MW will be used to export renewable power and 600MW to be used for market-to-market import/export of electricity between the UK and Ireland, effectively doubling the level of interconnection between the two countries. A grid connection is contracted with UKNG. It is likely that energising will occur during 2019/20.

Organic Power has set up 3 separate Special Purpose Vehicle subsidiaries to deliver the MAREX plan:

  • SREX Ltd. (Storage for renewable energy export) to deliver the Glinsk Energy Storage Hub
  • TREX Ltd. (Transmission for renewable energy export) to deliver the transmission system to export power to the UK.
  • EWE Ltd. (Erris Wind Energy) to deliver 1900MW of wind generation connected to the Glinsk Energy Storage Hub, and the transmission line to the UK.

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