James Nolan is the Executive Director for Biomass projects. He is a Mechanical Engineer providing consultancy services to companies in the energy sector, CHP, rubbish processing to alcohols and property development.

Jim graduated with Honours in 1970 where his main subject was thermodynamics. He spent six months in the USA on refrigeration systems, spent two years in Ireland on R&D into combustion and heating systems with some manufacturing and started in industrial maintenance in 1973.

This evolved during the first oil crisis into recycling oil where the business had a tank farm and treatment works in Finglas. This business built up and sold out after the second oil crisis, when James then started a small consultancy practice in 1980, from which he retired in 2000.

Jim is involved with Organic Power to optimise the use of existing and developing technologies whether wind, water, bio, etc. to achieve the most cost effect return from the energy available and its dispersal.