Dromleena Windfarm

The proposed €10.3 million capital cost wind power project at Dromleena is composed of two clusters, covering the following townlands:

  • Cluster 1 – 5 turbines, Dromleena
  • Cluster 2 – 3 turbines, Inchanadreen
  • Cluster 3 – 3 turbines, Derrynasafagh


The proposed location of the project is in two townlands to the west of Dunmanway, Co. Cork, specifically the townlands of Dromleena and Derrynasafagh. The project area consists mainly of heath. The total land take required for the proposed project is less than 2.25% of the study area, which is defined as the site boundaries of the properties involved in the project. Land use for all turbine bases will be 1290m², and approximately 2.9km of new tracks will be required and approximately 500m of upgraded track to provide access to the turbines.

The proposed wind farm is being developed by Organic Power Ltd., a new renewable energy company based in Skibbereen, Co. Cork. Organic Power intend to develop a minimum of 125MW of carbon-free reliable electricity supply from a variety of renewable energy sources for 2012. This power will be sold to end customers at a competitive rate.

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